"GATHER DARKNESS" full-length Release date: CD: October 18, 2019. LP: November 29, 2019. Label: Pure Steel Records
1. Tempt Not (The Blade of the Assassin) youtube clip
2. Call of the Watch
3. Gather, Darkness!
4. The City That Waits
5. Dream Savant
6. Gods
7. The Ghost of Orion
8. The Thaumaturge
9. I, of the Storm  TheORCHARD promo
10. Soil of the Dead

Produced by Assassin’s Blade
Mixed by Mattes at Redhead Studio, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. 
Mastered by Stefan Kaufmann at Roxx Studio, Solingen, Germany
Drums, Bass, Guitars and Backing vocals recorded by Peter Svensson at Night Wind Studio, Höör, Sweden
Lead and Backing vocals recorded by Manfred Leidecker.
Guitars recorded by Bruno Buneck at Angry Cat Studios
All songs written and arranged by Assassin’s Blade.

Cover art by Juha Vuorma
Photos by Erika Wallberg
Layout and graphics by Peter Svensson

Jacques Bélanger - lead and backing vocals
David Stranderud - lead and rhythm guitars
Bruno Buneck - lead and rhythm guitars
Peter Svensson - bass guitar and backing vocals
Marcus Rosenkvist - drums and backing vocals

"AGENTS OF MYSTIFICATION" full-length Release date: CD: April 29, 2016. LP: January 27, 2017. Label: Pure Steel Records
Cassette: May 5, 2016. Label: Bifrost Records
1) Agents of Mystification youtube clip
2) Herostratos
3) The Demented Force youtube clip
4) Dreadnought youtube clip
5) Autumn Serenade
6) Transgression youtube clip
7) Nowhere Riders
8) Crucible of War
9) Frosthammer
10) League of the Divine Wind
11) Prophet's Urn

Produced by Assassin’s Blade
All songs written by Stranderud/Svensson and arranged by Assassin’s Blade
Recorded by Peter Svensson at Night Wind Studios, Höör
Additional vocal recording by Manfred Leidecker at Manfred Leidecker Producer
Mixed and mastered by Michael Kusch at QuSound Studio

Cover artwork by JeanManuel Tumburús
Logo reworked by “Hiroshima”.
Photos by Erika Wallberg

Backing vocals by Magnus Hultman and Assassin’s Blade
Lead guitar by Janne Stark

Jacques Bélanger -  vocals
David Stranderud - guitars
Peter Svensson - bass 
Marcus Rosenkvist - drums

Metal Massacre 14 compilation  Release date: April 8, 201., Label: Metal Blade Records
Featuring demo version of "The Demented Force".
Recorded and mixed by Peter Svensson.
Mastered at the Cutting Room. Sweden

Jacques Bélanger -  vocals
David Stranderud - guitars
Peter Svensson - bass 
Marcus Rosenkvist - drums