Pre-order for "GATHER DARKNESS" has begun. Check out the first video here. "Tempt Not (The Blade of the Assassin)"


The release date of "GATHER DARKNESS" has been set to October 18 for the CD and November 29 for LP!

Coverartwork by Juha Vuorma.

Track listing:
1. Tempt Not (The Blade Of The Assassin)
2. Call Of The Watch
3. Gather, Darkness!
4. The City That Waits
5. Dream Savant
6. Gods
7. The Ghost Of Orion
8. The Thaumaturge
9. I, Of The Storm
10. Soil Of The Dead

Produced and record by Assassin's Blade
Mixed by Mattes
Mastered by Stefan Kaufmann

Recording the final guitar parts for the new album!


Recording of the new album is under way. Marcus and Peter are laying the foundation the the songs. This will be fast and heavy!


We would like thank everybody who came out to see us and the crew at Metal Magic Festival for making our debut gig a success!

We will now return to the studio to work on our second album. The yet untitled album is planned to be released in 2018. Stay tuned for more info!



The search for a second guitarist is over and we welcome Bruno Buneck to Assassin's Blade!



We are proud to announce the debut gig of Assassin's Blade.
We are now confirmed for Metal Magic in Denmark on the 7th of July, 2017.
Read more about the festival here.



The webshop at bigcartel is now up and running. Check it out:





"Agents of Mystifaction" is now out on PURE STEEL RECORDS.

1. Agents of Mystification
2. Herostratos
3. The Demented Force
4. Dreadnought
5. Autumn Serenade
6. Transgression
7. Nowhere Riders
8. Crucible Of War
9. Frosthammer
10. League Of The Divine Wind
11. Prophet’s Urn


We are proud to announce that Assassin's Blade have signed a world-wide deal with Pure Steel Records for the release of our debut album, "Agents of Mystification". Recording is finished and mixing will start next week. More info will follow shortly.


We are currently recording our debut album “Agents of Mystification”. It should be out late 2015/early 2016.
The cover below is the tentative album artwork.