Rogga Johansson - guitars & vocals
Peter Svensson - bass
Lars Demoké - drums



Produced by Catacomb
Music by Johansson, lyrics by Svensson
Recorded at the Rotpit and Night Wind Studios
Mixed and mastered by Svensson at Night Wind Studios
Cover art by Marcio
Rogga Johansson - guitars & vocals
Peter Svensson - bass
Lars Demoké - drums
Guest solo guitar by Kjetil Lynghaug
1. Necrotized Skin
2. Burn the Mask
3. Corrosion
4. Polycythaemia
5. Nailed to Absurdity
6. Apoptosis
7. Embrace Decay
8. He Sharpens His Knives
9. Sickle Cell Anemia

DIGITAL STREAMING on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kAzPICN8wcxkolP-AkNufOQkEY2WcJw6Y
Lack of blood and oxygen
Induce the fatal process
Affecting all cells
Watch its terminal progress
Mechanistic injuries
Or chemical measures
Cause the cells to swell
Then burst from the pressure
Pale looking skin
Turning violet and blistered
Detrimental to health
The pain is persistent
Necrotized Skin
Necrotized Skin
Breakdown within
Necrotized Skin
Death of living cells
Dying one by one
Cannot be stopped
Once it’s begun
Skin discoloration
And fluid collection
The unbearable odor
Of the necrotized section

From gothic towers of oblivion
To the cold pillars of a new world
We raise the standard of contempt
In the winds of war, watch it unfurl
Burn the mask
Kill the past
Hide behind dead skin
Dare not to look within
Promises of yesterday
See them all fade away
Enter a world of deathlike silence
Speak not lest to confirm the law
A Frankenstein of all living bodies
Will not repeat what not all saw
Eating away
Slow decay
Fade to black
The world around
Die alone
Without a sound
Fingers grip
The waiting rope
Clutching nothing
But empty hope
Rotting away
Death is waiting
All forms of life
Corrosion, corrosion of life
Corrosion, corrosion of life
Obvious and numb
There’s nothing left
Collapsing structure
Constructing death

Slow-growing cancer
Of blood cells red
Bone marrow overload
Through the veins it spreads
Suffered heart attack
Among the complications
Cellular domination
Strength in numbers
You can’t deny
Cancer blood cells
Will multiply
Death is looming
A matter of time
Slowly growing
Demise by design
Thickening your blood
Clots will soon appear
The fatal, final stroke
Is surely drawing near
Certain heart attack
Your definite destination
Cellular domination
The blood inside your veins
Will cause your own demise
How can you escape
When the killer is inside?

Nailed to absurdity
Drenched in infamy
That no one will forget
And you will live to regret
Nailed to absurdity
Die cast in stupidity
Your epitaph is set
That you will die to regret
Nailed to absurdity
Nailed to absurdity
Cross the planes of morbid illusion
Disperse all of life’s confusion
The truth you now comprehend
Will serve to complete your end

Programmed cell death
Through nuclear fragmentation
Global mRNA decay
And chromatin condensation
Cellular suicide - Apoptosis
Death from inside – Apoptosis
Mediated by caspases
Inducing immunologic effects
Terminating cancer cells
Eliminating defects
Growth through decay – Apoptosis
Withering away – Apoptosis
Intrinsic and extrinsic
Both pathways bring the end
Necrotic form engaged
Destruction from within
Tear the tapestry of life
Reveal the emptiness inside
Alone and dying – there’s no denying
This is the ultimate prize
Beauty cannot be preserved
Your mind was just thoughts and nerves
Moldy and rotten – now long forgotten
But you’ll get what you deserve
Embrace decay
Erase dismay
Death is the way
So embrace decay
Rip the fabric of mankind
Expose the truth that stands behind
There’s no surprise – It’s all just lies
Only in death will you live for all time

A lonely light lingers
At the end of the street
We all know the place
Where steel and flesh meet
The scraping sound and eerie tone
Of rusty steel on whetstone
Echoes through the night
While he sharpens his knives
Lonely people gone
How did they disappear?
But there is no proof
That their lives ended here
Ominous black smoke
Rises to the sky
Drifting into nowhere
His victims’ last goodbye
Far beyond our understanding
An unearthly evil man
What is his motivation?
What is his masterplan?
Erythrocyte condition
Cell shape disposition
Oxygen not distributed
To this cause
Your demise is attributed
A condition
Shortening your life
Your perdition
By deformed erythrocytes
It feels I’m being stabbed
The blade goes real deep
A throbbing in my head
Losing my mind and sleep
It feels I’m being stabbed
The blade twists in deep
My head is exploding
The end is complete
Sick, sick, sickle cells
Sick, sick, sickle cells
Your life expectancy
Facing your debility
Vessels blocked
By the sickle cells
The pain is real
Your body is your hell

All songs by Johansson/Svensson. (c) 2021