We are proud to present the new opus from the Swedish melodic death band FURNACE. Continuing their tradition, it is a full-blown concept album. However, this time around the story spans over a total of three full-length albums making the release a triple-CD! The album is called "The Casca Trilogy" and the story follows Casca, the eternal mercenary, through three different ages.

Musically, FURNACE plays melodic Death Metal in the style of Edge of Sanity combined with elements from Paradise Lost.

FURNACE consists of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Massacre) on guitars and vocals, Peter Svensson (Assassin’s Blade, Void Moon) on bass and backing vocals, and Lars Demoké on drums.

The albums feature guest vocals by Dave Ingram (Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower).

Release date: February 23, 2023

Pre-order at: obeliskpolaris.bandcamp.com

Listen to the first single, "Where the Sea Meets the Sky":




Today we release the new Void Moon single/EP “Waste of Mind”!

A 20 min epic spanning everything from doom to speed metal! The lyrics tell the tale of a person being diagnosed with a brain tumour and how he handles the situation and finds a way how he might still live on, even if only mentally. Feel-good music not guaranteed.

The song features awesome solos from Kjetil Lynghaug, Martin Jepsen Andersen and Håkan Stuvemark.

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or listen here:



Void Moon - Waste of Mind RELEASE


We are proud to announce the release of the fourth Cult of the Fox album,

entitled "Blood Omens"! The album will be out on October 28 on CD and digital.

The first single of the album was released last year, "One Machine".

The second single, "My Silver Nemesis", is released today and

features Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest) on lead vocals!

See lyric video here: https://youtu.be/1vMCW3fcfy8

Pre-order the album here: https://obeliskpolaris.bandcamp.com/

My Silver Nemesis       Blood Omens


Release day madness!!!

Today we release the two first releases on Obelisk Polaris Productions:

Release day!!!

AMAUROT - "...To Tread the Ancient Waters"
(Doom metal with gothic influences)

Links to streaming sites:

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HEIR CORPSE ONE - "Caribbean Frights"

(Classic Swedish Death Metal)

Link to Spotify:

Link to youtube:

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Upcoming releases

Presenting OBELISK POLARIS PRODUCTIONS. A new Swedish record label.
Focusing on obscure high quality Swedish Metal.

First releases:

AMAUROT – “…To Tread the Ancient Waters” (full-length; CD and digital)
Doom metal with gothic influences. Featuring Lisa Rieger (Hydra) on vocals and Peter Svensson (Void Moon, ex-Goatess) on guitars.
Debut album with guests Rogga Johansson (Massacre, Paganizer) and Sean Vukovic (Forsaken).
For fans of Draconian and Candlemass.
HEIR CORPSE ONE – “Caribbean Frights” (EP; CD and digital)
Swedish Death Metal with classic “Sunlight Studio” production. Aero-Zombie Death Metal! The new EP following the highly acclaimed debut album “Fly the Fiendish Skies”. Featuring Rogga Johansson and the death metal elite.
For fans of Bloodbath, Hypocrisy and Entombed.

Pre-order of both releases, see SHOP

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